Shimoga or Shivamogga was ruled by Shivappa Nayaka of Keladi. He ruled in the region for 15 years, from 1645 - 1660 A.D. He was well known as a good soldier and administrator during his times  He was from Ligayath community and a successor Vijayanagar ruler in the coastal and Malnad region. He had introduced a tax system called Sist during his reign.
Shimoga City
Shimoga City
Nagara is a place which was formerly called as Bidanur, it is located 17 km from Hosanagar and 84km from Shivamogga.

Bidanur was the centre of administration for Keladi rulers in 17the century.  According to history, Keladi Shivappa Nayaka built a strong stone fort with a star shaped bottom layout.  It was built in a locate where his ancestors had won the land from Honne kamali rulers.

There are six batterys in all the four directions of the fort.  There is a deep trench all around the fort wall.  Fort has a pool on the western side and it has steps for entering into it from four directions.  To the south of the pool on a slightly raised land there is a rectangular shaped palace which is in ruins.  A vast darbar hall area can be seen within these ruins.

A watch tower is located at the top of the fort.  Wide and steep path leads to the tower. Good view of the surroundings is visible from tower.  The high rise about an hour is needed to look into the details of the fort.  There are some vast places within talking for rest in groups.

Travel further from Nagara Fort to Devaganga which is located 4km away on Kollur road.  Pools built with stone for taking bath was built during the reign of Keladi rulers.  A total of seven pools are grouped in a area of 7m in length and 30m wide.  Of these the pool in the north is the biggest.   It is about 25m and 18m wide. There is always chest level water in the pool which is very special.  Canal construction is done for the overflowing water to flow away during rainy season.

One of the pools has star shaped and the other one has a lotus shaped base which is special.  Steps are constructed on both east and west side to reach the pools.  To the east of the group of pools there is a small temple of Gangadhareshwara.  Nearby the biggest pool there are stone pillars and a small mantap facing the interior of the pool.  It is not tiresome but pure enjoyment to take bath in the cool and calm water that comes to chest level height.

Most of the Indians residing in Karnataka know about the Kodachadri hills located in Shivamogga district. Sringeri temple is just 66km from Shimoga. Vishveshwarayya Iron & Steel Plant located at Bhadravathi in Shimoga district was founded by Sir M. Vishweshwariah, on 18th Januray, 1923.

How to reach Bidanur fort (Nagar):
Distance from Hosanagar is 17 km and 84 km from Shivamogga travel by the bus that goes towards Kollur and Kundapur from Shivamogga.  Devaganga is 4 km away from Nagara on kollur route and 1.5 km towards inside from the main road.